Protect your employees. Protect your business.

Abrella is an employee health management solution that gathers information from your environment and employees in a centralized platform to help you detect, prevent, and quickly react to health risks.


We combined our expertise in HR systems and AI to give you a centralized platform that keeps your employees safe

We built Abrella with you in mind – ensuring the system is quick to install, easy to use, and effective in its response, all while enforcing the highest standards of data security and confidentiality.


We take care of the setup, implementation, and training for Abrella

In most cases, everything can be set-up for you, including setting up the sensors, integrating the system, and training your staff.

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Abrella integrates with cameras approved by Health Canada. Our team recommends the best options for your business or uses your own.

Specialists will be on site to help with the setup and answer any questions you may have.

Your team will be trained to troubleshoot, analyze, and react, so you can remain in control.


Our sensors detect any abnormalities in real time.

Thermal and facial recognition cameras placed at entrances and other hotspots run on a live stream, ensuring they never miss a moment.

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Live feed in real time.

Thermal cameras at +/-0.5 °C accuracy.

Set your own temperature threshold.

Machine-learning enforced cameras ensure recognition even in the presence of face blockers, such as masks and glasses.


Mobilize your teams with built-in dashboards or employee profiles within your HR system

Abrella comes with a built-in dashboard or can connect to your HR system of choice. Our insights are designed for you to easily and quickly analyze the data and mobilize your teams to keep your people protected.

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Privacy-by-design ensures your employees’ data is secure, private, and confidential.

Analyze contact, behavior, and temperature through our built-in dashboard or integrated directly in your HR system.

Gather and secure pertinent information without adding to your headcount.


Instant alerts allowing for quick reaction times

With our live feed and integrated systems, dedicated personnel can be notified as soon as an abnormality is detected via instant yet secure and private alerts.

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Immediate notifications when an abnormality is detected.

Information on the source of the abnormality and possible infected areas.

Recommendations on how to quickly and effectively contain possibly infected areas and personnel.


Keep an open 2-way communication between you and your employees

Work with your employees to keep your workplace safe and secure by allowing them to directly communicate with you through their dedicated employee profile.

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Stay up to date on your employees' wellbeing before they come in to work.

Protect your employees by identifying potential risks before they reach your workplace.

Avoid time-consuming and costly manual collection of data.

Abrella is a stand-alone application that can also be integrated with any HR system.

Don't see your HRIS? Contact us to learn more about our other integrations.

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Value for your business

Get your business back on track without the risk

Whether you’re still running or have been completely shut down, there’s no denying it’s been a hard hit to take. You’re ready to come back stronger than ever, so be proactive with the health and safety of your business and employees and avoid being compromised ever again.

Proactively offer your employees a safe environment to minimize future risks.

Keep your business operational and minimize the risk of future shutdowns.

Scan your employees’ temperature in real time without contact, complexity, or adding to your headcount.

Get started right away with Abrella’s quick setup and installation.

Quickly react to potential risks with our built-in notification system.

Keep your employees’ data private, secure, and confidential with our privacy-by-design architecture.

Value for your employees

Give your employees the security and confidence to go back to work

People are ready to go back to work, but not at the expense of their health, their safety, and their security. Give them the confidence they need to know they are not exposing themselves and their loved ones to harmful environments with our preventative and proactive solution.

Offer your employees a safe environment set up to minimize future risks.

Reduce the anxiety and stress of going to work with effective yet simple to implement measures.

Give your employees confidence that they are returning to a proactive environment, not a reactive one.

Reassure your employees that their data and privacy are being guarded by experts with over 12 years of experience handling sensitive data.

Provide your employees with a system that ensures their health and safety, with immediate alerts as soon as exposure occurs.

Allow your employees to track their own health with accurate and consistent thermal measurements.

"After being closed for 7 weeks, we need to ensure we have a solid return plan. It is essential to protect all of our employees for the next few months, to reassure them, and keep them employed. The implementation of these thermal cameras and especially the employee portal will allow us to achieve these objectives while to minimizing the logistics related to this new reality."

Jean-Pierre Massicotte

Shareholder at Héritage Ébénisterie Architecturale

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Designed with purpose. Built with expertise.

Abrella is an initiative of IN-RGY, in collaboration with two other companies, combining different specialties with the same mission: helping businesses do better.

As intelligent automation specialists, Invoke lends its expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence to data accuracy and reliability.

With over 12 years in HR consulting and digital transformation, IN-RGY lends its ample experience working with people and their processes safely, securely, and rigorously.

A new entrant in the HR Tech space, Zaddons has quickly garnered a name for itself as innovators with a passion to help companies get more out of their HR solutions.

Don’t let your company be at risk again.