Manage your employees’ health and safety without the complexity

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Protect your employees before they come to work

Keep an open and consistent line of communication with your staff with daily questionnaires.

  • Create questionnaires designed to assess your employees’ health.
  • Allow your employees to respond to the questionnaire every morning via the Employee App.
  • Keep a record of your employees’ responses in your portal for monitoring and follow-ups.


Detect temperature in real time

Ensure a safe work environment for your employees.

  • Connect to detection system, such as thermal cameras, facial recognition, access cards and others.
  • Monitor your employees’ temperature accurately and instantaneously.
  • Identify and match employees' profiles and their data with our AI technology.


Get immediate alerts

Allow your employees and dedicated personnel to quickly react when abnormalities are detected to minimize risks.

  • Automatically detects elevated temperatures on employees and notifies them immediately.
  • Send automatic SMS and/or email notification to the supervisor, health staff, or others.
  • Set up specific call-to-actions for each notification to help employees react quickly and swiftly.


Centralize all information in a safe & secure platform

Keep a close eye on the situation with our user-friendly platform without compromising on privacy

  • Your data and information are completely secure with end-to-end encryption.
  • Quickly access historical data for up to 30 days.
  • Easily create or import employee profiles.
  • Integrate Abrella to your HR system (contact us for more information).


Your dedicated employee profile

The employee profile gives you more control on your health and safety

  • An easily accessible web-app with your own login credentials.
  • Visual calendars and reminders to help you keep track of your health.
  • User- and mobile-friendly application to help keep you and your colleagues safe.


Monitor your health with a daily questionnaire

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with a daily questionnaire directly on your phone

  • Answer daily questionnaires recommended by health professionals to help you detect symptoms.
  • Easily and securely report any potential symptoms directly from your phone.
  • Get immediate feedback on your health and your ability to go to work.


Customize your profile [Coming soon]

Define and set your preferences according to your schedule so you don’t miss a thing.

  • Set your own work schedule and hours.
  • Create SMS or email reminders for the daily questionnaire based on your schedule.
  • Define your language preference.
  • Set your preferred communication email.


Request sick days or time off directly from the app [Coming soon]

  • Easily communicate your need for a sick day with your supervisor.
  • Receive updates and alerts on the status of your request.
  • Keep track of your time off directly in the application’s calendar view.

Get your business back on track and your employees back to work in a safe environment.